Blue and Yellow Macaws are blue, yellow, green, white, and black, with a black beak and feet. Surprisingly their eyes are light blue. All the parrots listed have blackish grey feet. Scarlet Macaws are red, yellow, white, and blue. Their feet are black and their beaks are white and black. Like the Blue and Yellow Macaw their eyes are light blue t00. Rainbow Lorikeets are very colorful. They … Continue reading Parrots

What I Do After School

There are a  couple things I like to do after school, but my favorite thing to do is jump on the trampoline. My favorite things do on the trampoline are to flips, handstands, and effortlessly propel myself all the way across the whole trampoline. I do gymnastics which on the trampoline I call  trampnastics. To do flips on the trampoline I jump really high in the air … Continue reading What I Do After School

Deborah, the 4th Judge of Israel

The Israelites again did evil in the eyes of the Lord, so the Lord sold the Israelites into slavery, and this time, they were oppressed by the king of Canaan whose name was Jabin. The Prophet at this time was a woman named Deborah,and the Lord called Deborah to be the next judge of Israel. Deborah was to call Barak, son of Abinoam, to lead ten thousand men … Continue reading Deborah, the 4th Judge of Israel


Solomon was the son of David, the third real king (not a judge) of Israel. Solomon committed many sins in his life time such as having more than one wife. In fact he had 700 wives. Another sin was that his wives were not godly women. The law also said kings were not supposed to accumulate huge amounts of wealth, or lots of horses and cattle, but Solomon did … Continue reading Solomon


Great Horned Owls (Tiger of The Air) are usually brown, white, and black, but others are grey, black, and white. They have yellow or orange eyes, furry feet so you can’t tell what color they are and they have black talons, and of course they have their horns which are brown and black or they can be brown and black. Their “horns” are actually big tufts of … Continue reading Owls

Pill Bugs or Rolly-pollies

Pill bugs are not actually insects. They are really crustaceans. Pill bugs do not breathe like insects do. In fact, they have gills and that is why they live under bark and other such materials that keeps moist easily. Pillbugs eat plants or other decaying vegetation. Some Pill bugs may be blue, green, or even multi colored. Most Pill bugs have spots on their backs.  Pillbugs help your garden and should … Continue reading Pill Bugs or Rolly-pollies

My Hobby

My hobby is baking. I like baking because it is fun and usually pretty messy. Eating the food you make is the best part though. Baking requires special tools such as measuring cups, measuring spoons, and one or two mixing bowls. You have to bake in the kitchen or somewhere else that has an oven and a counter, so it does require a special location. It doesn’t require any special … Continue reading My Hobby