Mesopotamia is my favorite country in the world tour so far. I love their diet, which consists of grain or beans, figs, dates, water,  beer, meat, fish, and milk. The main occupations in Mesopotamia were farming, pottery, and government work. The Mesopotamians invented the clock, wheel, calendar, and base sixty. They worshiped thousands of idols and built pyramids in a stair-like fashion called ziggarats. Mesopotamia is on the continent … Continue reading Mesopotamia

Summer Vacation: Grandma’s Wedding

It all started one day when my mom told my sister and me that our grandma was going to get remarried. We were surprised, but after a minute we got excited and started asking questions such as “Can I go?” and “Can I dress up?” My mom said we could go! It would be very casual, but we still wanted to dress up, so we started … Continue reading Summer Vacation: Grandma’s Wedding

Book Report on Railway Children

In the book The Railway Children, by Edith Nesbit, a mother and her three children must move from their house in the city to a cheaper house in the country after their father is suddenly taken away one night by three men. The children don’t know where he went or when or if he’s coming back. Near their new house is a train station where … Continue reading Book Report on Railway Children

How I Think The Railway Children Will End

I think their father will come back and the German man will safely get to his wife and children.I think they will learn to like the old country house enough that they will stay and live there. I think that the old gentleman will visit often and stay part of the story.  I think the children will keep going to the train station even though their father is … Continue reading How I Think The Railway Children Will End

Strange Cocoon Found in Rainforest-Urodus Parvula

This strange-looking cocoon is woven like a basket. It has large holes for rain to fall through. If a cocoon filled up with water the pupa would drown.The cocoon has a little tunnel in the bottom so that when the moth comes out it can slide through the tunnel.The cocoon is hanging a couple of inches away from a leaf on a silk thread, probably to keep away from … Continue reading Strange Cocoon Found in Rainforest-Urodus Parvula


Bees are one of the most interesting things ever! Each species looks different, but they all smell with their antenna and fly with their four wings which have one large vein in the front and lots of smaller veins that all connect. Bees can see all colors except red, including colors that humans can’t see. Their proboscis is a tongue-like thing made of two tubes held together by hooks that … Continue reading Bees


Termites are only 3-5 mil. long. Soldier termites have red heads, while worker termites have white heads. Soldiers protect the nest and the workers take care of the queen. The queen lays eggs. She can lay around 30,000 eggs every day! In some places termites build mounds or “castles” that can be as tall as a grown man.  They live underground but the air around them gets stale … Continue reading Termites