Deborah, the 4th Judge of Israel

The Israelites again did evil in the eyes of the Lord, so the Lord sold the Israelites into slavery, and this time, they were oppressed by the king of Canaan whose name was Jabin. The Prophet at this time was a woman named Deborah,and the Lord called Deborah to be the next judge of Israel. Deborah was to call Barak, son of Abinoam, to lead ten thousand men … Continue reading Deborah, the 4th Judge of Israel


Solomon was the son of David, the third real king (not a judge) of Israel. Solomon committed many sins in his life time such as having more than one wife. In fact he had 700 wives. Another sin was that his wives were not godly women. The law also said kings were not supposed to accumulate huge amounts of wealth, or lots of horses and cattle, but Solomon did … Continue reading Solomon

The story of the plague of frogs

I was building for the pharaoh as usual one day when suddenly my mother, who worked near the river, came rushing toward me! “There are the thousands of frogs!” she gasped. “They are all coming out of the river and jumping everywhere! The castle is swarmed with frogs.” A little later that day while I was walking home the ground was swarmed with frogs, and I could … Continue reading The story of the plague of frogs


Mesopotamia is my favorite country in the world tour so far. I love their diet, which consists of grain or beans, figs, dates, water,  beer, meat, fish, and milk. The main occupations in Mesopotamia were farming, pottery, and government work. The Mesopotamians invented the clock, wheel, calendar, and base sixty. They worshiped thousands of idols and built pyramids in a stair-like fashion called ziggarats. Mesopotamia is on the continent … Continue reading Mesopotamia